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Productive safety-net program Livelihood

The objective of the PSNP is to assure food consumption and prevent asset depletion for food insecure households in chronically food insecure woredas, while stimulating markets, improving access to services and natural resources, and rehabilitating and enhancing the natural environment

What is PSNP

What Our Clients Say

When my family face a sudden natural disaster and forced to live with food insecurity PSNP program is the only thing that saved me and my family.
Halima Ahmed
PSNP Client
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This program supplied us with training and resources so we can improve our life and become one of the most productive components of the community.
Fatuma Hasen
PSNP Client
Diredawa livelihood component program output's

PSNP Outputs

Output 1: Timely and adequate transfers received by eligible core caseload of PSNP clients. This Output ensures the most in need people receive PSNP regular cash or food transfers as either direct support or in return for labor, enabling them to smooth consumption and prevent asset depletion. It focuses on ensuring these transfers are of sufficient value, are in the most appropriate form, can be received with low transaction costs, and arrive predictably on time.

Shock-responsive transfers received by eligible clients when needed. In times of shock, people in the PSNP core caseload may need additional support to protect consumption and assets, and others beyond the caseload may also be at risk. This Output allows the PSNP to scale up temporarily to provide this support, with systems in place to ensure an early response which provides effective protection to recipients.

Public Works respond to community livelihood needs and contribute to disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and mitigation. Under this Output, PSNP labor-intensive public works, including social infrastructure, are planned and delivered in ways which maximize the benefits to PSNP clients and their wider communities and support their wider livelihood needs.

 Linkages to available social services facilitated for core PSNP clients with emphasis on PDS and TDS. This Output supports PSNP clients, who are the poorest, most vulnerable, and often socially marginalized, to access available services beyond the PSNP, such as for health, education, and nutrition.

Tailored livelihood options accessed by eligible PSNP clients. This Output supports selected households to improve their livelihoods through a combination of time-bound and appropriate strategies and investments and provision of loans, cash grants and technical support.

PSNP management and capacity enhanced. In PSNP5, systems being mainstreamed mean that each of the other five Outputs has direct management roles.

PSNP Contribution

PSNP has significantly contributed towards addressing the extreme negative effects of severe drought, alongside other efforts